Pop Box

  • $33.00

Did you miss subscribing to Pop Box? You can order current and past month's Pop Box here. Limited quantities are available! We will release each month's box after the 15th.

July Pop Box ~ a Cloth Mask by Monster Booty Made with organic fabrics $14, Desert Hand Sanitizer by Sonoran Rosie $14, Dirty P sticker by John Carrillo $3, and a For the Love postcard by Lauren Waddell $2. Value: $33

August Pop Box celebrates the monsoons : Desert rain soap by Artemesia $8, DDco box 14.95, Monsoon Sticker by Annotated Audrey $3.50, Marcy Ellis 5x7 postcard $5. Value: $31.45

September Pop Box celebrates 4th Ave and Our 12th Birthday : Tucson Bandana by Sophie McTear $18, 4th Ave Map by Johnny Carrillo 15.00, stickers by Tough Kitty Designs $3.50 and Pop Cycle Sticker design by Sophie McTear $3. Value: 39.50

October Pop Box Halloween: Desert Cactus Zipper Pouch $10-Halloween Card by DDco Design $4- Monster Booty Scull clip $12- Ceramic Zombie finger pin by Linnie Damm $12-Vote Pin $3. Value: $41

November Pop Box Tucson Love: 8x10 Print by Juju & Moxie $19, Cactus T-towel by John Carrillo $14,  Love sticker $3, Social Distance Sticker $3, Lp coaster by DDco $8, Az key chain by Lost highways $10. Value: $57

Decembers Pop Box T-shirt Design by Melo Dominguez, And soy Bottle Rocket Candle in reclaimed bottle. Value: $41 

January Pop Box New Beginnings: includes shop local tote by John Carrillo: with postcard for shopping local campaign with chance to win over 500 in prizes., Moon phases calendar by Marcy Ellis., Postcard by DDco Design, adorable button & bike map & Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition magnet DDco. Value 40.00 

February Pop box ~ Self Care: journal, bath bomb, sage, palo santo, Sophie sticker, postcard (For the Love) sm. soap  Value $33.50

March Cactus love: Trevor Mock cactus Card, DDco cactus key hook, MB pompom cactus key chain, Johns cactus pin Value $44

April ~Earth month: Tee shirt bag $4, Swedish dish towel 7.50, pot holder made with reclaimed sweater/leather 16.95, Wine glass tumbler $12 Earth Sticker 3 we are all connected 3.50 Value 48.00

May~Summer Days: Hand thrown and carved saguaro sipper $20, Reclaimed cactus lady coaster by DDco Design $7.50, Vintage Bottle opener $4, Java sticker by Joe Quarnberg Value 34.50

July (2) ~ Monsoon love: Exclusive designed y\tee by Jessica Gonzales, and ceramic tray by Linnie Dame of Tough Kitty Design  Value $41

August (2) Pop Box celebrates the Tucson :Tucson Card pack by Retro Trek $8, DDco Coaster set 28, For the love Sticker by Lauren Waddle $3, Value: $39.