JuJu & Moxie Blocks

  • $12.00

Juju and Moxie is an eclectic emporium of 100% handmade goods with colorful flair and bold (sometimes tongue-in-cheek) verbiage, always revolving around the desert and Tucson's extensive culture. Rachel’s products are made with exceptional care and highest standards, while still providing authentic and local goods at a value anyone can afford. We know you’ll appreciate the attention to detail and variety of styles present in her lettering work in these fun blocks to adorn your space.

Size: approximately 6 inches long

Styles and colors may vary slightly from photo

Juju and Moxie Co. is a design house and handmade gift line based in the heart of the desert.  Their work is influenced by our community and the real bits of life with the hope to bring people together in whimsy and humor.