Hand-dyed Indigo Tea Towel

Hand-dyed Indigo Tea Towel

  • $22.00

These beautiful hand dyed indigo tea towels are made locally by Shazieh Gorji from Agave Pantry. These one of kind indigo dyed tea towels are hand wrapped and dyed in small batches. The tea towel can be used for every clean up in your kitchen. They are large, durable and ready for action. They are machine washable, and 100% cotton. Eco friendly and gorgeous!

size 26x26

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Shazieh has lived in Tucson since 2012 and has been honing her skills in pottery, baking, and day to day ritual-making for over fifteen years. Agave Pantry is a pop up shop and custom order artisan bakery dedicated to using organic, non-gmo and when possible local ingredients.Ethically sourced organic herbs and spices are thoughtfully purchased, staying true to the ethos of these creations. From the earth and for the earth. Together, our small choices make a big difference.