Rose Texturizing Hair Salt Spray

  • $22.00

Not only does this hair salt spray smell like lovely roses, but it also has the added benefit of locking in and separates your curls, or adding volume and texture to straight hair.

All natural and easy to use with no harsh chemicals. Epsom salt and organic Aloe Vera juice help moisturize your hair without an oily feeling.
Lavender helps calm the senses and relax your mind.

Just spray generously all over damp hair and scrunch with your hands. Let dry and you will have textured, separated curls or waves. Great in most hair types or lengths (except extremely kinky hair - it's already curly!)

The sea salt holds the curls together while your hair dries.No need to be near the ocean to have that easy, breezy, bedhead look. Use as a hair freshener to revamp waves, add volume, removes greasiness and leave your hair smelling amazing.

Comes in either a 4oz amber glass bottle with a strong pump mist action.

Made with love in Tucson, Arizona.

* vegan plant based
* cruelty-free
* handmade small batch
* organic all natural
* sustainably made
* gender neutral
4 oz