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2021 Sonoran Desert Pollinators desktop calendar with 12 fun flora and fauna illustrations. Now with Free Shipping!

This unique 12 month desktop calendar sits comfortably in a handmade eucalyptus wood block stand. Each month features a different Sonoran Desert animal illustration on 5''X7'' inch thick cardstock prints with a backer board to keep the pages sitting upright in the hand-made stand.

The prints for the calendar are packaged in a decorative kraft paper packaging for attractive gift-giving with a sealed eucalyptus (reusable) wood block stand for your desk or dresser. The block stand is locally & sustainably harvested in Tucson and due to it's hand-made nature can vary in slight size, color and shape from block to block.

This contemporary/rustic calendar can be refilled every year with a newly designed calendar from Aall Forms of Life, cutting down on paper waste. The wood block can also be used as a display for other prints or pictures giving it multiple purposes!

This calendar is available WITH a wood block stand or as a refill pack with no wood block stand (only the paper calendar insert).

Wood Block Stand Dimensions (can vary slightly; inches) 4'' length X 3'' width X 1'' height

For shipping protection and being environmentally conscientious, this calendar will be safely wrapped in repurposed packaging.

If giving as a gift, gift wrapping is available, just select the gift wrapping option when checking out!

List of illustrations per month:*

▲January: Costa's Hummingbird & Flowering Ocotillo
▲February: Sara Orange Tip Butterfly & Desert Lavender
▲March: Hualapai Buckmoth
▲April: Phainopepla Bird & Desert Mistletoe
▲May: Cactus Bees & Flowering Prickly Pear Cactus
▲June: Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis
▲July: Cactus Wrens & Flowering Cholla Cactus
▲August: Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly
▲September: Sonoran Bumblebee & Creosote Flower
▲October: Lesser Long-Nosed Bats and Saguaro Flowers
▲November: Sphinx Moth & Sacred Datura Flower
▲December: White Winged Dove & Mesquite Tree