Affirmations Moms 52 card set

Affirmations Moms 52 card set

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Affirmations Moms Actually Need is a project created for mothers from my true experience with Postpartum Depression. The purpose of the project is to remind mothers that their health and happiness is as important as that of their children. Real advice from a real mom.

Motherhood is basically the coolest, and it can also kick your butt is some real ways.  This 52-card deck is an offering from me to you.  It is for the moments when you feel tapped out, overwhelmed or lost, but also for the days when you wake up with energy and just want to have fun with your kids!

I created this deck of cards to remind you that you matter, your joy matters, your health matters.  The more well cared for you are, the more your children and family will thrive.

Affirmations Moms Actually Need: 52 Reminders That You Matter As Much As Your Precious Babes.