Tucson Bandana by Sophie McTear

  • $18.00

Show your Tucson pride with these colorful bandanas by our own Sophie McTear. Sophie's graphic design work is poppy and fun. We are so lucky to have them on staff here at Pop Cycle. Printed locally at Gloo Factory ink, these whimsical designs make a great accessory!

Size 22x22

 Sophie McTear is a queer, nonbinary illustrator living in Tucson, AZ. Originally from Baltimore, MD by way of Washington, DC, they have been loving desert living since summer 2017. They are self taught and have been drawing since they were a child, but got more serious about art as a career when living in DC, designing posters for local punk and DIY shows.

They now specialize in digital illustration and use bold linework and bright colors to focus on topics like their LGBTQ+ experience, radical vulnerability, witchy things, the desert, chronic illness, comic books, music, and more. Sophie is also a founding member of Groundworks, a local nonprofit that promotes the youth-driven music and arts community in Tucson.